We are the Notified Body!

AB “Problematika” is a Notified Certification Body (identification No. 1567).

We are the strongest in Lithuania!

The certificate “Strongest in Lithuania 2016” is provided by the Credit Bureau “Creditinfo” and signifies that AB “Problematika” has a rating reflecting high level of solvency.

Technical supervision services

Technical supervision of structure construction and FIDIC engineer services.

Laboratory tests

Construction materials testing, production control, fitness-for-use testing, performance of scientific research projects.

Certification of construction products

Certification of mineral materials, concrete aggregates, railway ballast, bituminous mixtures, bituminous binders, surface dressing and slurry seal surfacing.

Transport Information Systems and Services

Maintenance, repair, adjustment and installation of traffic monitoring and control equipment.

Expertise on road projects

The examination of projects on transport communications and their structures.
AB “Problematika”
Granito str. 3, LT-02241, Vilnius
Company code 120721845
VAT code LT207218417
Working hours:
I-IV 7.30 – 16.15
V 7.30 – 15.00
  +370 5 2644785
  +370 5 2601984