Technical Supervision Department

Technical supervision department provides professional services of technical supervision over structure construction and services of FIDIC engineer. It also controls the quality of construction works in close cooperation with the Customer. The department employs professionals with vast professional experience both in the technical supervision over structure construction and in other fields of construction. All technical supervisors are certified in accordance with the procedure set out in the Technical Construction Regulation STR 1.02.01:2017 “Rules of Procedure for Certification and Recognition of Rights of Participants of Construction” to perform the functions of technical supervision manager of special structure construction of different groups (subgroups). Employees are constantly working towards improving their qualification and learning new technologies.

Employees are certified to perform the functions of technical supervision manager of structure construction of the following groups (subgroups):

I. Transport communications:
I.1. Roads
I.2. Roads (streets)
I.3. Railway tracks
I.4. Airports (aerodromes) structures
I.5. Other transport structures (bridges, viaducts, overhead roads, etc.)
II. Engineering networks:
II.1. Water supply networks
II.2. Sewage disposal networks
II.3. Electricity networks
II.4. Electronic communications infrastructure
III. Hydro-technical structures
IV. Engineering structures for other purposes (landfills)
V. Melioration structures
VI. Structures of nuclear facilities

Technical Supervision of Structure Construction

Technical supervision of structure construction is performed in accordance with the Law on Construction and Technical Construction Regulation STR 1.06.01:2016 “Construction works. Supervision of Structure Construction”. Technical supervision services have been provided since the year 2002. Technical supervision services are carried out on the construction sites of national significance: (trunk, national and local) roads, municipal streets, railways and airports. Technical supervisors perform both general and special technical supervision of construction works. All technical supervisors are provided with new cars, laptops, mobile internet connection and modern measuring devices. Supervisors live and work in different places; therefore, they operatively arrive at the construction site to any place in Lithuania.

FIDIC engineering services

Contractor agreements for the construction projects partially financed by the European Union funds are usually made in compliance with the standard contract terms of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). In that case, the technical supervision of construction works is conducted by the engineer. Technical supervisors have performed the duties of FIDIC Engineer since the year 2004 and have gained extensive experience in executing such contracts.

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