JSC “Problematika”

The state-owned road enterprise “Problematika” was established in 1991. In 2011, the company was transformed into a joint stock company.
100% of the shares of JSC “Problematika” are owned by the State and are transferred under trust law to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania to manage, use and dispose of them.

Articles of Association of the Company issued on 26/10/2018 (in Lithuanian only)

Letter of Expectations issued on 17/04/2018 (in Lithuanian only)

Fields of activity:

• testing and analysis of the quality of road construction materials and products;
• maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, railways and other facilities belonging to transport communications  group;
• certification of construction products;
• performance of cadastral measurements;
• other engineering and technological activities.

Company’s MISSION and VISION

The company’s MISSION is to ensure a proper construction and operation of structures of transport communications through the performance of works in a qualitative manner and the provision of reliable services of conformity assessment process in accordance with the requirements.

The company’s VISION is to be the recognized leader, an independent, professional and dynamic company within its field of activity, offering a wide range of services both in Lithuania and abroad.


• Diversification of activities;
• Innovativeness;
• Increase in value for shareholders;
• Effective company governance.

Organizational Structure and Declaration of Private Interests

Organizational structure of the company:

The Republic of Lithuania owns 100 % of the company‘s shares. The Management Board is a collegial management body of the company. The Management Board currently consists of two independent members:

1. Arvydas Darulis, chairman of the Management Board (Curriculum vitae in Lithuanian only);
2. Rolandas Oginskas, independent member of the Management Board (Curriculum vitae in Lithuanian only);
3. Janina Laskauskienė, member of the Management Board.

The Director of JSC “Problematika” Artūras Palekas is the Sole Executive Body of the company (Curriculum vitae in Lithuanian only)

Organizational structure of the company:

Declaration of Private Interests:

The data covering the declaration of private interests of the Director of JSC “Problematika” are public and published in the webpage of the Chief Official Ethics Commission in compliance with the procedure established by the Chief Official Ethics Commission: https://www.vtek.lt/deklaraciju-paieska


Annual Report 2014 (in Lithuanian only)

Annual Report 2015 (in Lithuanian only)

Annual Report 2016 (in Lithuanian only)

Annual Report 2017 (in Lithuanian only)

Annual Report 2018 (in Lithuanian only)


Thank you for your interest in working with JSC “Problematika” and for your intention to contribute to the improvement of the quality of structures of transport communications.

TECHNICIAN needed (laboratory in Vilnius)
See Job Announcement (in Lithuanian only)

Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Prevention of Corruption

To ensure transparency and publicity of the company’s activities, JSC “Problematika” carries out the prevention of corruption and consistently implements its objectives. The purpose of corruption prevention is not to give rise to corruption and its development in the activities of the company. In pursuing the prevention of corruption, JSC “Problematika” follows the Law on Corruption Prevention, the National Anti-Corruption Programme of the Republic of Lithuania, the Anti-Corruption Programme of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts.

Anti-corruption activities

1. The analysis of the probability of corruption manifestation in the Provision of Technical Supervision Services of Structure Construction and Certification of Construction Products by the Certification Center was carried out in compliance with Section 3 (criteria 3 and 4) of Article 6, (principle functions are control and oversight; the activities are related to the issue or restriction of permits, concessions, privileges and other additional rights) of the Law on Prevention of Corruption of the Republic of Lithuania. Internal documents, that regulate the scope of ​​activity under assessment, were reviewed.

Reasoned conclusions on the identified scopes of activity, where there is a probability of corruption manifestation, of the company together with other state-owned enterprises and joint stock companies assigned to the governance area of the Minister of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania are submitted to the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania: reference (in Lithuanian only).

2. Corruption Prevention Policy of JSC “Problematika” was approved by the Order No. 1-479 issued on 31/08/2017 by the Director of the company:

Corruption Prevention Policy of JSC “Problematika” (in Lithuanian only)

3. The Commission for the Prevention and Control of Corruption (hereinafter – the Commission) of JSC “Problematika” was established and the Commission’s Regulations were approved by the Order No. 1-326/1 issued on 04/09/2017 by the Director of the company:

The Commission’s Regulations for the Prevention and Control of Corruption of JSC “Problematika” (in Lithuanian only)

Corruption Notifications

Please inform us of any violations and unlawful actions conducted by the employees of JSC “Problematika”. You can contact us by e-mail pranesk@problematika.lt or phone (8 5) 2644785. When reporting a possible violation, please briefly describe the nature of the violation, specify the place, time and available information about the offender (name, surname) as accurately as possible. Confidentiality is guaranteed. It would be appreciated if you could provide us with your contacts.

Please note that the laws of the Republic of Lithuania prohibit slander or false accusation of another person for committing a crime. These actions are subject to criminal liability.

Thank you for the information provided.

Anti-corruption proposals and initiatives

To ensure and enhance the effectiveness of corruption prevention measures, please submit your proposals concerning corruption prevention measures to pranesk@problematika.lt.

Your opinion is important to us.

Purchases of the Company

JSC “Problematika” does not provide any support in compliance with the decision taken by the management body.


Official recognition:


Our main Customers:

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JSC “Problematika”
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Working hours:
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Data about the company is collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities.

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