We are the strongest in Lithuania!

The certificate “Strongest in Lithuania 2016” is provided by the Credit Bureau “Creditinfo” and signifies that AB “Problematika” has a rating reflecting high level of solvency.

We are the Notified Body!

AB “Problematika” is a Notified Certification Body (identification No. 1567).

Activity of AB „Problematika“

The main activities of the company encompass testing and analysis of road construction materials and production quality, maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, railways and other objects within the communication group, certification of products, maintenance of road weather information system, drafting of technical and regulatory documents related to road building, road repair and maintenance, general examination of projects and structures, and other engineering/technological activities.

The company’s Mission, Vision

The company’s Mission is to provide high quality implementation of on-site technical supervision of structure construction, to ensure the quality of laboratory testing of road construction materials and their mixtures as well as the quality of testing carried out in the field, to ensure an impeccable conformity assessment of construction materials and products, to introduce and maintain traffic control and monitoring equipment, and to examine road projects and their structures.

The company’s vision is to be recognized as a leader, as the most professional and dynamic company in this market segment in Lithuania, creating value for shareholders.

  • expansion of laboratory testing services;
  • retention of the existing market share of the technical supervision, provision of opportunities for the development of technical supervision services (for example, nuclear facilities, hydro-technical structures);
  • active participation in the implementation and operation of new and existing information transport systems;
  • retention of certification center customers, market and competence, retention of activities outside the Republic of Lithuania, expansion of the scope of accreditation for new products within its area of competence;
  • competence, required for the examination of projects of transport communications and their structures, active participation in tenders.


Formal recognition:


Our main Customers:

AB “Problematika”
Granito str. 3, LT-02241, Vilnius
Company code 120721845
VAT code LT207218417
Working hours:
I-IV 7.30 – 16.15
V 7.30 – 15.00
  +370 5 2644785
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